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VESTA M45 Spark arrestor for closed grill

VESTA M45 Spark arrestor for closed grill

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VESTA spark arrestor with hydrofilter

Vesta spark arrestor is certified according to GOST R 53323 — 2009 “Flame arrestors and spark arrestors”.
VESTA spark arrestor is a small copy of disintegrator — the device that is used in metallurgy since the 1930s for wet purification of blast furnace gases.
VESTA spark arrestor is intended for quenching 100% of sparks and flame produced by charcoal and open fires when using BBQ, grills, and ovens.
The spark arrestor with water flow cleans the combustion gas from:
Sparks — 100%
Flame — 100%
Soot — 95%
Grease and tar — 90%
Fumes and smoke — up to 60%
Smoke is cooled down from 200 to 55 С.
The exhaust hood combined with the spark arrestor has stainless steel labyrinth fat filters.
Five stages of gas cleaning and sparks quenching:
The first labyrinth filter is used for quenching small sparks, putting out soot, and cooling smoke.
The combustion gases turn round 180 degrees and dramatically lose speed when moving above the water basin inside. Thanks to is ash and soot fall into the water and settle down.
A four-layer water flow additionally cools smoke and separates soot, ash and tar.
The second labyrinth filter catches drops of water, fat and tar and cools the air.

There is a built-in pump that creates water flows and makes water circulate inside the spark arrestor basin.
The labyrinth filter may be washed in the dishwasher.
VESTA spark arrestor 3 working modes:
Basic mode– electricity and water supply are on: starting, water supply and switching off are automatically. Water is sprayed by the pump.
Alarm mode – no electricity, water supply is temporally off, “dry” spark quenching, no water is used.
Self-cleaning mode – deleting interior soot, grease, ash and tar (monthly cleaning is need).

You can also order a spark arrestor with a backwards connection.

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