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VESTA - Argentina Grill

VESTA - Argentina Grill

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This grill is an analogue of the Argentinean grill from America made for severe conditions of Russia. Cooking temperature is adjusted by changing the level of the fire. Two types of fire grates are available: a V-shaped (inclined) grate or a horizontal (bars) grate. Firebricks are supplied by the user.


Overall dimensions of Argentina grill: Length- 950 mm, Width- 823 mm, Length — 1500 mm.
V-shaped (inclined) fire grate dimensions – 850x465mm
Argentina weight – 250 kg (with firebricks), 89 kg (without firebricks)

Installation requirements

This grill must be lined with 46 fireclay bricks SB-5*.
*Fireclay bricks are supplied by the user.

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