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Vacuum Pack Machine 70cm Seal - W72 x D61 x H21,5cm Chamber

Vacuum Pack Machine 70cm Seal - W72 x D61 x H21,5cm Chamber

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Pros and Cons

  • Convenient floor model on wheels for easy mobility
  • Includes service kit with oil to maintain the machine
  • Two sealing bars for placing multiple vacuum bags at the same time
  • The oil in the vacuum pump should be changed several times a year  


Article number 09300229
Barcode (EAN) 8719632125877
Width (cm) 79
Depth (cm) 76
Height (cm) 97
Type of power supply 230V
Amount of plugs 1


If you work with large quantities of food in a professional kitchen, then this vacuum pack machine is ideal. Thanks to two sealing bars and a large chamber, you can place two 50 x 55cm bags in the machine at the same time. This way, products stay fresher for longer in the fridge and freezer, and less food is wasted because the shelf life is extended. The packaging process is fully automated and packages become completely airless, which prevents freezer burn.

Simple to operate

Thanks to the wheels, this professional packing machine is easy to move around when needed. It stays stable and firmly in place, thanks to the brakes. With the user-friendly control panel, you can set the packing machine settings as needed. Choose the exact vacuum pressure, sealing time, sealing temperature and cooling time. In a few steps you can store food in an airtight manner: place the food in the vacuum bag and put this on the sealing bar with the opening upwards. Close the lid and within a few seconds there is a compact package ready to be placed in the fridge or freezer.

Easy cleaning

Both the housing and the inside of the packaging machine are made from stainless steel. This makes it both sturdy and very easy to clean. A damp cloth, water and a mild detergent are enough to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Simply wipe all the surfaces down. After cleaning, dry all parts with a soft cloth. 


  • Safety switch in lid
  • Digital control panel
  • Strong, curved cover
  • Mobile, on four wheels
  • Fully automatic packaging cycle
  • Two sealing strips in the chamber
  • Stainless steel housing and chamber
  • Large floor model with beautiful finishing

Product specifications

  • Net weight: 137kg
  • External dimensions: W79 x D76 x H97cm
  • Chamber dimensions: W72 x D61 x H21,5cm
  • Sealing bar dimensions: 70 x 0,8cm
  • Vacuum pump capacity: 2 x 20m³ p/h
  • 230V / 50Hz / 1 Phase 3600W


  • Service kit for basic maintenance
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