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Potato Peeling Machine 30kg - 600kg/h

Potato Peeling Machine 30kg - 600kg/h

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Pros and Cons

  • Professional potato peeling machine for washing and peeling carrots and potatoes
  • Equipped with a removable scraping plate for easy cleaning
  • Up to D6 of potatoes are peeled every hour
  • Short peeling cycle of 2 to 3 minutes for every 30kg (max filling capacity)
  • Diced vegetables are rounded in the peeler
  • Scraping plate is not dishwasher safe F6


More Information
Article number 09300480
Barcode (EAN) 8719632121282
Type of power supply 230V
Amount of plugs 1


When preparing huge quantities of potatoes, in the company canteen, hotel or restaurant, for example, it takes a lot of time to do it by hand. Peeling by hand is also a lot less efficient because you lose more of the vegetables. By using this robust potato peeling machine, you will not only save time, but also money and energy. Thanks to the durable peeling plate, potatoes and carrots are evenly peeled and ready for use straight from the machine. The peeler has a water connection to wash the vegetables frist and rinse the scraps away via the drain. Up to 30kg of potatoes can be placed in the machine and, after a cycle of two to three minutes, are washed and peeled. Up to 600kg of scraped potatoes per hour can be produced by the peeler.

Easy to use

To prepare potatoes and carrots for cooking, first fill the drum up to a maximum of 30kg. Do not fill it above the transition between the rough wall and the smooth section above it. Close the lid and fasten the safety catches. Make sure to open the water supply before turning it on. After about three minutes, the vegetables are washed and peeled and you can take them out of the peeler. You can also put cut cubes into the peeler, which then come out with a rounded shape.

Removable peeling plate

The smooth, stainless steel walls of the housing, bowl and legs make it very easy to keep these parts clean with a soft, damp cloth. Before you begin cleaning, don't forget to unplug the appliance. You can remove the peeling plate located at the bottom of the appliance and rinse this by hand to prevent wear and tear. You can also empty and clean the waste collection tray. Before using the peeler again, allow all parts to dry thoroughly. The potato peeler stands on four rubber feet so that it stays in place during use

  • Professional peeling machine 
  • Suitable for potatoes and carrots 
  • Housing, bowl and door made of stainless steel 
  • Simple and robust construction 
  • Durable abrasive plate with special design 
  • Peeling plate easily removable 
  • Side wall lined with abrasive material 
  • Equipped with water connection 
  • One drain for water and waste
  • Stands on four rubber feet 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Net weight: 80kg
  • Filling capacity: 30kg
  • Peeling capacity: 600kg per hour
  • Speed: 2-3 minutes per cycle
  • Dimensions: W53 x D53 x H97cm
  • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 1500W
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