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Microwave - 1800W - 20 Programmes - Plates up to Ø36cm - 2 Shelves - 09367020

Microwave - 1800W - 20 Programmes - Plates up to Ø36cm - 2 Shelves - 09367020

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Description Microwave

A microwave oven is used in almost every professional catering kitchen. This powerful 30 litre microwave oven can be used for quick heating, defrosting or as extra capacity when your cooker is full. With a capacity of 1800W, this microwave is very versatile. In addition, the microwave has a ceramic plate on the bottom for even better heat distribution. If you want to expand the capacity, you can place an extra plate in the microwave to heat two plates at the same time. This professional microwave oven has 20 pre-programmed programmes and three different levels: defrost = 30%, medium = 80% and high = 100%.

Suitable for commercial and catering use

This microwave has a clear control panel with a digital timer. The size of plates that are suitable for this microwave are plates with a diameter of 36cm or less. Besides plates, the microwave is also suitable for (plastic) GN bowls of 1/2 GN and smaller. The door is transparent and without a lock, making it easy to open and close. The inner chamber is also fitted with lighting so that you can see the progress of your dishes. The heating elements are located on the top and bottom of the microwave. This microwave is suitable for large-scale kitchen and catering use.

Easy to clean

To clean the microwave easily, it is recommended to do this regularly. This way, you prevent caked-on residue and you do not have to scrub. Wipe down the inside of the microwave with a damp cloth. For stubborn dirt, put a bowl of water and a few tablespoons of vinegar in the microwave and let it heat up on the highest setting for five minutes. The steam will release the food residue. Lastly, wipe the ceramic plate and the inside of the door.


  • Stainless steel housing and interior
  • Transparent door without lock and is easy to open and close
  • Interior with lighting
  • Heating elements on the top and bottom of the microwave
  • Ceramic plate on the bottom for better heat distribution
  • Has 20 pre-programmed programs
  • 3 different 'power levels' of "defrost", "medium" and "high"

Product specifications

  • Net weight: 35kg
  • Machine dimensions: B49 x D63,7 x H40,5cm
  • Inner chamber dimensions: B37,4 x D37,8 x H22,4cm
  • Hz frequency: 2450 MHz
  • Power output: 900/ 1800W
  • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 1400/ 2800W
Article number 09367020
Barcode (EAN) 8719632124405
HS Code 8540710090
Width (cm) 49
Depth (cm) 63.7
Height (cm) 40.5
Weight (kg) 35
Type of power supply 230V
Amount of plugs 1
Electric power (Watt) 2800
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