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Kebab Grill - 2 Burners - 20kg Meat - Electric - SKU 9370240

Kebab Grill - 2 Burners - 20kg Meat - Electric - SKU 9370240

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Article number 09370240
Barcode (EAN) 8719632124788
Type of power supply 230V
Amount of plugs 1


Do you regularly sell doner kebab, shawarma or gyros in your catering business? Then you need a professional kebab grill. Using this grill with two burners and stainless steel protection mesh, you can grill about 20kg of meat at a time on the skewer. This grill is suitable for intensive daily use and is an addition to every shawarma shop, grill restaurant, Greek restaurant or other catering kitchen. You can set the temperature of both burners indivudally so the meat is cooked evenly all over the skewer. The skewer rotates once per minute so that each side of the meat is grilled to perfection.

Removable stainless steel drip tray

This sturdy grill is equipped with a stainless steel drip tray that collects all the fat. The drip tray can be easily removed for cleaning. The motor of this shawarma grill is located at the bottom. A grill is sometimes equipped with stainless steel reflection screens on the sides. These are not supplied as standard, but can be ordered separately. The nozzles for natural gas (20

  • 25 mbar) are supplied standard so that you can connect the grill to gas. If you work with LPG (propane/butane), these nozzles can be ordered separately (30
  • 50 mbar). Always engage a specialist for the conversion from natural gas to LPG. The most delicious grill dishes are cooked on a kebab grill, but you also need an electric grill knife to cut the meat smoothly and quickly from the skewer. This can be ordered separately.


    Easy to clean

    The kebab grill is made entirely from stainless steel and is easy to clean. After each use, it is advised that you clean the grill. You can do this by letting the appliance cool down and then unplugging it. Remove the skewer, meat plate and other removable parts from the grill. These can either go into the dishwasher or be cleaned with a damp cloth, warm water and a mild detergent. The housing can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. After cleaning, dry all parts with a soft cloth and reassemble the grill.

    • Professional grill for Doner / Gyros / Kebab / Shawarma
    • Equipped with 2 electric burners with Robax protective glass
    • Temperature can be set individually for each burner
    • Excluding stainless steel reflection screens on the sides
    • Equipped with stainless steel drip tray
    • Housing, skewer and meat plate made of stainless steel
    • Reliable motor on the bottom
    • Grill skewer is adjustable for the perfect preparation
    • Skewer can rotate left and right
    • Easy to clean


    • Max. capacity: 20 kg meat
    • Dimensions skewer: 12 x 12 mm
    • Skewer length: 450 mm
    • Rotation speed skewer: 1 rotation per minute
    • Diameter meat plate: 190 mm
    • Net weight: 26,3 kg
    • Dimensions: W406 x D580 x H803 mm
    • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 3400 Watt
    • Net weight: 24kg
    • Dimensions: B44,5 x D66,3 x H78,8cm
    • Maximum capacity: 20kg meat
    • Skewer dimensions: 12 x 12mm
    • Skewer length: 45cm
    • Skewer rotation speed: 1RPM
    • Meat plate diameter: 190cm
    • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 3400W
  • Pros and Cons

    • Solid kebab grill with two burners for grilling 20kg of meat
    • Individual parts are dishwasher safe
    • Ideal for grilling gyros, kebab, shawarma and other meats
    • Includes removable stainless steel drip tray to collect fat
    • Not provided with stainless steel reflection screens on the sides

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