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Degreasing machine that will solve the problem of the grease, dirty and carbon particles that are adhered to the kitchen tools every day in any kitchen.


Save hot water, electricity and working hours.

You will only need to fill the tank with water, close it and leave the water to be heated; once it happens, you can add the detergent DK-6 (efficient against the grease and other types of dirty). It uses a non toxic and biodegradable detergent.

The times you will have to sink the tools will depend on the level of dirty.

Delivery in 7 days

Capacity 420 Liters
Operating Temperature 75ºC
Consumption 1400 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz Single Phase
Net weight 131 kg
Internal dimensions 115 L x 51 D x 72,5 H cm
Dimensions 130,5 L x 70,5 D x 106 H cm
Biodegradable detergent DK6 for MC2000 Optional

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