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Katerbay - Forza Pratica Fit Express M2 3 Phase Oven 312*312*178

Katerbay - Forza Pratica Fit Express M2 3 Phase Oven 312*312*178

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16" Pizza Oven


Designed for fast delivery and excellence even in large volumes, the Forza STi is ideal for QSR - Quick service restaurants (fast-service restaurants), as well as pizzerias, bakeries, hotels, snack bars and convenience stores.

The productions of pizzas, empanadas, calzones, cookies and others, become even better with the Forza STi, which guarantees appearance, taste and superior textures, developed with cutting-edge technologies such as impinged air and infrared, achieves preparations up to 50% faster than in conventional ovens.


Capacity for pizzas up to 16 inches;
Touch screen controls with the most friendly and easy interface on the market;
Up to 1024 recipes in groups ;
USB port to upload/download recipes ;
Easy to clean;
Temperature adjustable from 86°F (30°C) to 626°F (330°C);
Cool temperature exterior surfaces;
Certiifed Ventless with easy removable catalytic converter;
Variable-speed impingement airflow;
Independently controlled top and bottom heaters;
Double glass door with easy clean system;
Allows the use of metal pans;
Constructed from AISI430 (exterior) and AISI304 (interior) stainless steel ;
Manual mode for on-the-y cooking;
Warranty – 1 year parts and labor


02 - Aluminum Mesh Screen;
01 - Aluminum Paddle;
01 - Door Cleaning Tool;
01 - USB Drive.


Adjustable feet.

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