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Finncare - Sanitizer Degreaser

Finncare - Sanitizer Degreaser

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This product is a really life saver. A proper food safe detergent to be used in areas where food is manufactured or processed. It will kill a wide range of bacteria and infections. This product can be used for daily cleaning and maintaining and for heavy duty once off cleans. It contains a pleasant lemon perfume. A product suitable for cleaning worktops, walls, floors, kitchen & bathroom fittings, all hard surfaces. It can also be added to a cleaning solution to deodorise and disinfect. One of the most popular cleaning products from the Finncare range. Childminding businesses and nursing homes use this premium product to maintain low levels of bacteria in food processing areas.

Finncare Sani-Clean Multi Purpose Sanitizer & Degreaser

Sani-Clean is a very versatile product. If you need to use it with a spray and wipe system, you can do just do that. You can use it with a mopping system If you are deep cleaning. You can also add Finncare Sani-Clean Multi Purpose Sanitizer & Degreaser to any cleaning product to increase its anti-bacterial qualities. Carpet cleaning companies use this product as a deodoriser and disinfectant.

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