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Finncare - Dish Wash Powder 10KG - KR-312

Finncare - Dish Wash Powder 10KG - KR-312

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-very powerful, highly concentrated dishwashing powder
-suitable for galvanised metal, zinc, aluminium & aluminium alloys
-highly alkaline and highly efficient professional dish washing powder
-contains a scale inhibitor to optimise detergency even in hard water areas
-it will cut through grease & fat with ease to leave a streak free finish
-one of the most cost effective ways of washing dishes in restaurants
-Finncare Dish Wash Powder 10 KG is manufactured in Ireland

finncare Dish Wash Powder 10KG - Where to use

Professional dishwashing powder suitable for the catering business. One of the most concentrated and efficient dishwashing powders available in Ireland. It can be used with all types of dishwashing systems. It will cut through grease and grime with ease and it will leave a streak free finish on all types of surfaces. Highly alkaline dishwashing detergent that requires dilution before use. Do not mix with any other dishwashing detergents to avoid bad reactions.

Finncare Dish Wash Powder 10KG - How to use

Dilute the product 1.5 grams per 1L of warm water. The powder is compatible with all types of automatic dishwashing machines. Some dishwashing machines are fitted with special compartments for powder and others are fitted with special compartments for suction. You can use the powder with both types. You will have to pre-dilute the powder for the systems that work on suction only and are not compatible with dry powders. Badly burned dishes & pots might require pre-soaking in special treatments before use.

Try our amazing dishwashing powder. It will reduce your costs and it will increase your productivity. Finncare Dish Wash Powder 10KG is manufactured in Ireland.

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