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Finntec Electric grill - TH-VEE -1500

Finntec Electric grill - TH-VEE -1500

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This TH-VEG -1500 Finntec large electric  griddle is designed for maximum speed and versatility.

Three independently controlled heating zones give you the ability to perfectly prepare a variety of products.

Set one section on high for hamburgers, chicken, or bacon and the other on low for toasted buns or eggs. This prevents you from burning one product while others finish cooking.

You can quickly cook a variety of your most popular dishes with this commercial electric fry top!

Whether you're cooking pancakes, burgers, grilled cheese, or scrambled eggs, this heavy-duty stainless steel griddle provides the durability and performance you need to get the job done.

The thick steel cooking surface heats evenly throughout for consistent cooking results, no matter where you place food on the griddle plate. 

Dimensions W1500 x D700 x H450  
Power 24kw  

THATS-VEE- 1500 Stand is €299 +vat

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