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EBF-03 Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer

EBF-03 Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer

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Powerful and reliable
Internal food probe
Stainless 304
Self closing doors
Combi chill / freezer
Blast chill 10 kg
Shock freeze 5 kg
Recessed safety door handle
Magnetic door gasket
Even temperature chilling
Holds 3 GN 1/1 pans
Holds 3 bakery 60 x 40 cm

DIMENSIONSW755 x D832 x H581
TEMP RANGE +90°C to -22°C
CAPACITY 3 Racks ( 72 Lt )
POWER 1100 Watts
INTERNAL SIZE W410 x D680 x H256
SHIP WEIGHT 97Kg ( Nett 72 Kg )
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