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Dough Mixer 200L - 120kg Dough - 2 Speeds - 400V

Dough Mixer 200L - 120kg Dough - 2 Speeds - 400V

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Pros and Cons

  •  Two adjustable speeds for both the mixing bowl and dough hook
  •  Easy to clean, thanks to the metal housing and stainless steel parts
  •  Clear control panel with large buttons
  • Stands on wheels and adjustable feet
  •  The mixing bowl cannot be removed
  •  Mixer is heavy to move
  •  Power supply required (400V)


More Information
Article number 09361150
Barcode (EAN) 8719632129561
Type of power supply 400V
Amount of plugs 1


Even the heaviest of kneading jobs is no problem for this powerful professional dough mixer. In the 200 litre stainless steel mixing bowl, you can add up to a maximum of 120kg of dough, or 75kg of flour and let the quiet, but powerful engine get to work. Because both the dough hook and the mixing bowl rotate on their own axis, this machine kneads all the ingredients into a smooth dough.

Operates at two speeds

It is very easy to use the dough mixer. Thanks to the user friendly control panel with large, clear buttons, you can set the desired speed. Both the mixing bowl and for the dough hook have two speeds each. In addition to an easy operation, this dough mixer is also safe to use. The safety switch ensures that the motor does not overheat: it will automatically switch off the mixer as a precaution. The overload protection ensures that the mixing bowl can't accidentally be loaded with too many ingredients. The mixing bowl is also equipped with a protective structure. The protective structure must be closed properly before the device can be put into operation. The dough mixer is equipped with a belt drive for a longer lifespan. In addition to the fact that the engine is very quiet, you also won't have any trouble with the vibrations. The weight and the sturdy adjustable legs ensure that it hardly vibrates when doing its job.

Easy to clean

If you use the dough mixer intensively, you will also have to clean it often. Thanks to the stainless steel parts and the metal housing with durable coating, this is no problem at all. You will need a damp cloth as well as a gentle detergent for this. After cleaning, dry everything well with a soft cloth. The mixing bowl cannot be removed.

Product specifications

  • Net weight: 720kg
  • Device dimensions: W141 x D90,5 x H140,5cm
  • Dough hook speeds: 112 and 252 RPM
  • Mixing bowl speeds: 11,2 and 25,2 RPM
  • Bowl capacity: 200L
  • Max. amount of flour: 75kg
  • Max. amount of dough: 120kg
  • Min. amount of dough: 45kg
  • Total electrical power: 9,0 kW
  • 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phase 9000 W
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