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Orange Juicer Trolley - for MAJ-25 / MAJ- 25SS / MAJ-45 - MODEL: 9300037

Orange Juicer Trolley - for MAJ-25 / MAJ- 25SS / MAJ-45 - MODEL: 9300037

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This trolley comes with a wheeled base that has been made entirely from stainless steel and is ideal for combining with the automatic juicer MAJ-25, MAJ-25SS or the orange juicer MAJ-45 from Maxima. These orange juice presses can be quite heavy and difficult to move back and forth to the kitchen for cleaning. With this handy trolley, you can move the juicer to another place any time it is needed without any hassle.


Includes space for a waste bin

The trolley is not only durable but also helps you be more sustainable. It comes with space for a large waste bucket that can be placed inside the housing to collect waste and orange peels that are produced during the squeezing process. This bucket is not included. Two of the four wheels have a brake so that the trolley, including the juicer, can be placed in a stable position without worrying about it slipping.


Easy to clean

The housing and accessories are all made from stainless steel, which makes them very easy to clean. A damp cloth and mild detergent are all that is needed for hygienic and hassle-free cleaning. The bucket can also be removed from the base and easily emptied. \n


  • On wheels to make movement easier
  • Made from stainless steel and easy to clean
  • Includes space for a waste collection bucket
Product specifications
  • Dimensions: W66 x D50,5 x H71cm
Not included
  • Waste pipes (can be ordered on the website)
  • Waste bin
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